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"If you don't invest very much, then defeat doesn't hurt very much and winning is not very exciting."
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Dear Bar Examinees,

YOU CAN DO THIS. Seriously. All of you are incredibly smart, you’ve been working hard, and you are so close to freedom.

Don’t give up now. It’s amazing how much you can absorb in the last week. If a certain study method worked for you in law school, it’ll work now.

There is a large glass of alcohol waiting for you on the other side!

Now get off of tumblr and study (or get a little sleep depending on when you see this)!

After the bar…

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Patriotic pie.

This pie is beautiful and 10000% puts my flag cake to shame. Thank god I have the bar as an excuse :)

This is how Panda kindly informs me that he is tired of me studying.


So I basically took the past 2 days off from Bar stuff. I was like ‘no big deal’ I’ll just hit it hard on Monday.

I made my to do list this morning and my heart DROPPED. This is going to be a long week to try and catch up. Wah.

I hate you Bar Exam.

Did the same thing this weekend. Desperately needed a mental health break, but now I’m kicking myself. I never knew I could have a planner so full of things to accomplish. Literally every moment has work to be done.